Medicine Soul

Messages in the Wheel of time…. 

I begin this venture as the medicine wheel enters  Winter and the element of Earth in the Celtic calendar.  I intend to make posts every week on my musings as we journey with nature and the seasons.  My longing in writing this blog,  is to create a very ordinary commentary on what the medicine wheel at its most fundamental level simply is:  the wheel of the year.  The medicine wheel is the wheel which we traverse for a cycle of the spiral,  until the wheel turns again. 

The medicine wheel is the wheel of empowerment which holds us in  the process of all of life’s natural cycles.  These are:  living and dying,  growing and decaying,  filling and emptying,  waking up and going to sleep,  the in breath and outbreath,  as just a few examples.  In the seasons of planet earth we find ourselves informed and moulded by the changing seasons.  To work mindfully with the medicine wheel with intention and understanding of its seasons is to participate as powerful and fulfilled co-creators in the dream of life.  It is also to experience the wonder of the healing potentials brought by moving with the creative flow. 

Medicine Wheel life is about restoring wholeness,  bringing our heart-beat back into alignment with the rhythms and cadences of our own solar system as experienced from the perspective of planet earth.  Life without medicine wheel congruence,  is a life of separation from the real flow,  and generally a life which favours linear direction and the goals of achievement and accumulation. It is an ego-serving path.   Medicine wheel life honours the process and allows the growth of what is natural and most deeply satisfyng and in turn allows the release of what is ready to be shed.  Medicine wheel life is a soul-serving path.



Soul is an interesting concept,  whose meaning will become more clear through the reading of what comes to the surface in this blog.  Essentially,  it is helpful to see soul as a feeling which connects us with everything else:  the very opposite to the separate self.  Soul can be felt as the stirring,  moving and sensing part of ourselves.  It moves in a similar way to music.  To be tending your soul is to tend your connection to the world.  It is to feel life force running through you, poignant in its ability to make you recognise yourself as a conscious being,  but not necessarily belonging to you. 

Through the meanderings of this blog,  you will see also the various festivals and ceremonies which have been honoured by Medicine wheel embracing cultures,  and will notice also how many are still inherent in our 21st century modified way of living,  all but  slightly off centre of their true place in the wheel of the year.  You will see through the writing and the timing of these festivals and traditions how they fit beautifully as a way of directing the optimum flow of the energy of a particular season to help bring soul visions into life.

The Celtic medicine wheel has four quadrants which represent  the four seasons of Winter,  Spring,  Summer and Autumn,  the four elements of   Earth,  Air,  Fire and Water and  the four directions of North,  East,  South and  West respectively.  The centre of the medicine wheel,  sacred space has special significance as being that which contains all: unity; the mystery.

We entered North – Winter- Earth on the morning of Winter Solstice, the 22nd December  The next 3 months will be experiential and by-the-way jottings on the nature of Winter and its workings on a simple human life.

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